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William Wilson creates a range of custom shirts uniquely selected, designed, and tailored for each client. No single item of clothing a man wears is as versatile, with as much potential to make an impact, as his shirt. Our master tailorsrs have the skills, experience, and passion to create custom shirts that are the best possible match for each client. Although a shirt on its own may be less formal than a suit, when properly tailored, it can make the difference between “plain” or “refined”. If you want clothes that support and enhance the appearance you want to make, William Wilson's handmade shirts are the only decision. Our clothing is not merely “customized”. It is truly “bespoke”: That is, every aspect from the basic style, cut, fabric, stitching, detailing, etc., is individually selected, then executed for each client. Whether you need to make an impression at a particular event, or simply want to look your best on a daily basis, a carefully designed and tailored shirt will help you do so.

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