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For years, exclusivity has been defined exclusively by price. That's fine if your market is the average consumer. But RESERVED is not for the average consumer. It's for the most discriminating of clientele, accustomed to a lifestyle that affords them access to the most exclusive benefits in the world. But an unlimited amount of disposable income does not gain you access to this collection. Nor does your network of who's who in society, culture, business or politics. Only one question matters when it comes to the Reserved Collection; "Do you have a Black Card?" If you don't, this collection of hand made, highest quality garments are not available to you. In fact, there are only 3 ways to purchase a suit from The RESERVED Collection: 1. Purchase it with your Black Card. 2. Be put on the access list by a current RESERVE client. 

These are the only ways to gain access to these ultra-exclusive garments.

If you are one of the fortunate few, with access to the most exclusive credit card in the world, welcome to your home for exquisite and unparalled quality. Welcome to the world of RESERVED: Where money is obsolete.

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