First Quality, 100% high fashion 3PC single breasted Suit with vest , Flat Front Pants has been finely constructed in a luxurious super 150's extra fine wool Twisted wrinkle- and stain-resistant wool, all-season that can be worn all year round Italian suits with a beautiful Pattern & Superb fabric and excellent cut! It is a light medium weight which is perfect for year round use. When you feel the softness of SUPER 150s wool High Twisted, you will know that you are buying one of the best natural fabrics available. Simply We wil promise you this is the best suit that you have ever seen and had before!!! SUPER 150's SUIT ,is soft, silky, drapes well, resists wrinkles and is very comfortable

Brown Double-Breasted Suit

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Brown: Brown
  • This is a 100% wool, 3-piece William Wilson designer suit. This is a high quality ready to wear suit for the gentleman that wants the best suit available for the best price.

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