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William Wilson crafts hand-tailored garments, customized to fit your specific frame and taste. William Wilson is a clothier that delivers fully customizable suits. And, of course, we can accommodate a variety of preferences and details from modern trim to classic cut, or black-tie to casual designs.

William Wilson is the place to get the look you want and the feel you need. Simply stop by any one of our Storefronts and our helpful staff will walk you through the process beginning with the fabric selection, style, as well as s assistance in matching accessories. We think you’ll be impressed by the attention to detail that goes into every garment.

About William Wilson 

After serving in the US Navy, William made history when he became the first African-American to win a championship in the history of NASCAR. He added to his resume of accomplishments by being inducted into the NC Military Veterans' Hall of Fame in 2018. But his He took the skills and experience he gained in those arenas to become an award-winning clothing designer. With a client list which includes celebrities Eddie Griffin, DL Hughley, Oscar de la Hoya, George Lopez and Stephen Curry, William has become one of the most sought after clothing designers in America; as well as an accomplished public speaker and branding expert. William has designed looks for the red carpet at the ESPYSGrammys, Oscars and Emmy Awards.

William has been voted 2020 Best of the Best in Custom Suits, “Best Custom Clothier” (9 times), “Best Men’s Suits” (4 times) and “Best New Clothing Store”, Charlotte's 25 Most Stylish (2 times), the Fashion Icon Award and the 2021 Charlotte Fashion Award for "Boutique Designer of the Year

William is also a noted philanthropist. In 2010, he founded the William Wilson Charitable Foundation to raise funds to fight domestic violence survivor scholarships. He also hosts an annual celebrity charity event, "The Clothier Classic" which raises money for the scholarships for domestic violence survivors.



Whether you are a businessman who often attends crucial meetings, are getting married, or just always like to make a good appearance, William Wilson suits will help you look (and feel) your best, whatever the occasion. Custom designed and tailored, they will unmistakably show that you care enough to want to make a fine impression. Careful styling can display your personality and build self-confidence, and William Wilson is your ideal partner to create clothes that express you, uniquely.

My clothing is not merely “customized” – using a basic template adapted for different buyers. It is truly “bespoke”: That is, every aspect from the basic style, cut, fabric, stitching, detailing, etc., is individually selected, then tailored, for each client. Our designers have extensive experience and a passion for presentation to help you define what you want your suits to ‘say’ about you, and curate the appropriate fabrics and details. To find your ideal look, please contact Zeglio Custom Clothiers for an initial consultation, free of charge.


William Wilson creates a range of custom Uniquely selected, designed, and tailored for each client. No single item of clothing a man wears is as versatile, with as much potential to make an impact, as his shirt. William Wilson master clothiers have the skills, experience, and passion to create custom shirts that are the best possible match for each client. Although a shirt on its own may be less formal than a suit, when properly tailored, it can make the difference between “plain” or “refined”. If you want clothes that support and enhance the appearance you want to make, William Wilson will craft shirts you will love, and that will love you back. Our clothing is not merely “customized” – using a basic template adapted for different buyers. It is truly “bespoke”: That is, every aspect from the basic style, cut, fabric, stitching, detailing, etc., is individually selected, then executed for each client. Whether you need to make an impression at a particular event, or simply want to look your best on a daily basis, a carefully designed and tailored shirt will help you do so.



Tuxedos are the preferred men’s wear for formal events such as weddings, anniversary parties, executive gatherings, etc. – reserved for occasions that call for the very best appearance.  Yet because they are rarely worn, most tuxedos are semi-mass produced, rather than created for each buyer.  At an ordinary clothiers’, it can be a challenge finding a tuxedo in the right fit, style, and color.

William Wilson has all the expertise needed to create a tuxedo for you suitable for any fine occasion to which you wear it, show-casing that you appreciate the importance of the event and being included in it.
Our garments are not merely “customized” – meaning a basic template, coarsely adapted for each buyer.  They are truly “bespoke”: Every aspect, the basic style, the cut, fabric, stitching, etc., is selected and created for every individual client.

If you need a tuxedo to make a serious appearance for seriously elegant events, please contact William Wilson for an initial consultation.  There is no charge or obligation